Hello and Welcome!


About Me

I am a chocolate and Diet Coke addicted mother to four grown children.  I love to scrapbook and I hoard paper and paper crafting supplies.  I love to bake and never met a bread or pastry item that didn’t instantly become my new favorite.  I also love to organize and reorganize.  But my true passion is writing.  I love to tell stories, have an eye for detail and love to find the humor and the lesson in every situation.  A lot of the stories I tell come from my life raising four fab children, and even though some of them may be unbelievable, they are all true!

About the Fam:

Me and the FamilyI am married to the most kind man on the planet (sorry, but I’m keeping him) who also happens to be the best father out there.

My oldest son was born disabled—he has cerebral palsy, is classified as deafblind, and has lived his full 24 years with an uncontrollable seizure disorder that has left him trapped with the mind of a six month old baby, unable to learn or progress.  I will most likely be sharing a lot of stories about him because he has been both a blessing and a challenge.  We’ve learned a lot from having him in our lives.

My second son works as a software engineer and I am counting on a lot of help from him as I navigate the blogosphere.  He came into his current profession without any formal college education but is instead completely self-taught. He believes you can learn anything you want to learn from the internet.  He’s a genius and sometimes too smart for his own good,  but he still loves his mom, so that makes him excellent.

My third son is, at the time of this writing, serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we’re about to pass his year mark!  He has a love for music and writing and a kind heart.  He’ll be going back to Utah State University when he returns.  He used to be majoring in business but now he’s thinking he wants to get into some kind of area where he can help and influence people in positive ways.

My youngest and only daughter is off to college now.  I miss her a lot.  She is funny with a bubbly sense of humor, a sarcastic attitude (I think she got this from me and I apologize) and even though she has a lot of fear about her future, she is also braver than she knows.  She has dreamed of building things since she was small and is pursuing a degree in preconstruction management hoping to become an architect.  She also hopes to have lots of kids and become the world’s best mother, following in my footsteps, of course.

About the Blog

As of right this moment, I’m not sure what this blog will be, but I’m excited to find out!  I’m hoping to be able to share all the things I love in my life like my family, my scrapbooking hobby, my love for baking and my new adventures traveling now that my kids are grown.  I’ve also started a bullet journal, so I might share that too,  thrown in with some other organizational lessons I’ve learned along the way.    Whatever the blog becomes, I’m sure it will be an adventure for me and I hope you’ll join me!

Feel free to contact me if you ever have any suggestions, questions, or just want to chat.  I’d love to hear from you!