The World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

I am a lover of pastries and baked goods of all kinds.  I particularly enjoy a good cookie, but I also consider myself to be a cookie snob.  The really funny thing is, I have about a half dozen cookbooks of just cookie recipes, and I have pinned at least 500 cookie recipes.  So when it’s time to make cookies, where do I even look to figure out which ones to make? Coincidentally…I usually ignore all of those and go back to my favorite and make those.  I’m lame that way.    I really should try some other recipes, because my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe was not my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe until I discovered it, tried it, and loved it.

On that note, I should probably try some of those other recipes and see what happens.  But not right now.  Right now it’s time to introduce all my friends and family to the absolute best chocolate chip cookies. Ever.  There are many things about this recipe that makes them the best:

  1. They are soft, chocolaty and delicious.
  2. Using a handy-dandy kitchen scale makes them turn out perfectly every time.  No guessing/measuring=exact same result each time you make them.
  3. They don’t have to refrigerate overnight like so many cookies do these days.  (I mean, seriously, if I’m in the mood for cookies, I don’t mean tomorrow!)
  4. There are many variations, although, why you’d want to substitute something like craisins  for chocolate is beyond me.
  5. They are chocolate chip cookies….do I even need to say more than that?

chocolate chip cookie

I wish I could give credit to the person that sent the original wonderful recipe out into the universe, but, alas, I honestly have no idea  where I got it. I printed it out many moons ago and have used it so many times it’s wrinkled and covered in food.  That’s always a good sign when we’re talking about recipes, right?

So, before we delve into this recipe, a few housekeeping issues:

First of all, if you don’t have a kitchen scale, it’s time to get one.

Seriously.  I have measurements on the recipe too, but I’m sending out this disclaimer that your results will NOT be the same if you don’t weigh your ingredients.

This little baby to the left is the one that I use, and I love it so much I will shamelessly plug it with an affiliate link (for which I may or may not get compensation).  I’ve had it for years and it works great.  I don’t bake without it because everything turns out better when you weigh your ingredients.  There are lots of scales available, some of them cheaper than this one, so please don’t feel obligated to be just like me, unless of course you want to be awesome (we covered this in a previous post).  Just get a scale.  Any scale.  You will never be sorry.  This one can hold up to 11 pounds, so don’t try to weigh your turkey, but for a bowl of flour, you’re set.

A few other handy dandy tips

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about not over-mixing your dough.  There is a time and a place for caution, but that doesn’t happen until you add flour.  Go ahead and turn that mixer all the way on high and MIX! Once the eggs have been added, it’s time to calm down a little.

Use Unsalted butter if at all possible.  Salted butter will certainly work, but there is something about unsalted butter that makes cookies taste better.  Don’t be tempted to substitute all butter for the shortening in the recipe either–the shortening helps keep the cookies soft long after they are done baking.

Lastly…and very importantly…do not overbake these!  When they are domed and show a little browning (a very little browning) around the edges and a bit on top, they are done.  Remove them and  let them sit for a few minutes before removing them from the cookie sheet.  They will look slightly under cooked, and that is important.

chocolate chip cookie

All that being said, here is the recipe:

THE Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

  • 14.5 ounces flour (2 3/4 cup)
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 4 ounces unsalted butter at room temperature (1/2 cup)
  • 4 ounces shortening (I use butter flavored Crisco) (1/2 cup)
  • 6.5 ounces light brown sugar (1 cup)
  • 6.5 ounces granulated sugar (1 cup less 2 Tablespoons)
  • 2 large eggs, room temperature
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
  • 8 ounces milk chocolate chips (1 1/4 cups)
  • 8 ounces dark chocolate chips (or semi-sweet, but dark is better)(1 1/4 cups)

In a bowl on your scale, measure out your flour and add the salt and baking soda.  Whisk it together and set it aside.

Using the wire whisk attachment on your mixer (not the paddle) beat the butter and shortening together on HIGH for three minutes.  Believe it or not, when you beat the butter for a long time, it will actually start to lose it’s yellow color.  If you are using a hand-held mixer, it will work but you may want to beat it an extra minute.

Add both sugars and beat on HIGH for another two minutes.  The mixture should look pretty fluffy and soft.  Add the eggs and vanilla and beat again until fully incorporated.  Now you can remove the whisk attachment and switch to your paddle.  Add the chocolate chips and mix gently (notice this comes before the flour).  Add the flour all at once and mix on low until all the flour is completely mixed in, but don’t over do it.

The Touch Test

At this point, you’re going to touch the dough.  It should feel a bit sticky, but it shouldn’t really stick to your fingers. (This is where that handy-dandy scale pays off–if you weighed everything it should be exactly right.  If you measured things, you’re going to have to do some judging on whether or not the dough is ready)  If it is really sticky, add more flour–2 Tablespoons at a time, but be careful you don’t over do it!  If it is firm, dry, or crumbly, I’m sorry.  I honestly don’t know that there is a way to fix this.

Using a medium sized cookie scoop (one that holds about 1 1/2 Tablespoons) scoop the dough and roll it with your hands to form balls but don’t over-handle the dough.  Place the balls on a baking sheet (they can all be close together if you want to transfer them to a baking sheet for baking–that’s what I do).  Cover them and put them in the fridge for 30 minutes (that’s all–none of this overnight stuff!) 

When it’s time to bake them, move the oven rack to the second highest shelf in your oven.  Preheat it to 375°.  Once the oven beeps that it’s ready, wait another ten minutes before putting the cookies in.  Remove the dough balls from the fridge and bake them for 8-10 minutes.  Be sure to keep the balls that aren’t baking in the fridge until it’s time.  Cookies should be domed and puffy looking with a slight tan when they are done.  They might look like they aren’t done, but when they start to brown, take them out.  Let them sit on the cookie sheet for at least two minutes before removing to a cooling rack.

When done, stuff your face with at least one from each batch out of the oven, because that’s what I do.


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