Crepes! A General Conference Tradition

Several years back, we started a new tradition for Sunday morning before General Conference–we make crepes!


(I actually make crepes a lot thanks to my handy, dandy crepe maker.)

I got this handy little device several years ago and love, love, love it.  It’s the  Cucinapro Crepe Maker and <— this is my shamelss affiliate link right here. It’s cordless, so you just pick it up and dip it in the batter, it cooks for about a minute, and then the crepe slides right off.  Some people feel the need to turn the crepe over to cook both sides, but honestly, it’s an extra step that can be skipped.  The crepe is so thin and even it cooks all the way through without it.  Before I got it I was NOT a crepe maker at all.  I don’t have the patience and I’m way too much of a perfectionist for using a pan!

A couple of hints for making crepes super excellent but easy too…

  1. A lot of recipes talk about making a well in the flour and stirring the eggs and milk in slowly, yada yada yada.  I’m all about the blender.  I dump all the ingredients in at once and use the batter mode.
  2. Crepe batter has to SIT so that the bubbles can all go away or you’ll end up with holey crepes.  At least 30 minutes at room temperature will usually do it.
  3. Crepes are actually better if you make the batter the night before and let it sit in the fridge overnight.  All of the bubbles will be gone, the batter is nice and cold, and it just seems like it has taken on more flavor.
  4. The directions for this crepe maker say to butter the top before dipping it in the batter.  I have never needed to do that and, in fact, have found that it ruins the first couple of crepes if I do it.

The Process



The crepe maker doesn’t take long to heat up, but if you made your batter the night before, you can go ahead and plug it in.


It comes with this really great dipping bowl/plate.  Pour your batter carefully so as not to cause bubbles.


Once you’ve dipped it in the batter, return it to the stand to cook.  It only take a minute or so to be done and will slide right off.  I usually keep the finished crepes on a plate under foil while I’m cooking.  There is no need to separate them with waxed paper or anything, I just slap them all in a pile.  Kind of like this:


The toppings are what make great crepes!

The really great thing about crepes is you can do any kind of filling or topping that you’d like.  We have some basic must-haves that always appear, like Nutella and whipped cream.


This vanilla cream filling is to die for.  I could sit down with a spoon and just eat it.  In fact, I think I actually did when we were done with the crepes.  It’s super easy!


This year I also made this triple berry sauce and it was delicious too!

The Finished Product

With all the different options, everyone gets exactly what they want!  In the past I have had fresh peaches, strawberries, chocolate sauce and caramel.  The possibilities are endless!  A couple of people in our family are super boring and just want your basic maple syrup and powdered sugar.  But that’s okay too.  I can just privately think they’re weird.  My personal favorite is a thin spread of Nutella with the vanilla cream filling and bananas.  I was going to take a picture but there was no good way to show the insides.  Plus I ate it too fast.  Sorry.

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