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I recently wrote a post about my Miracle Morning and how it has quite literally, changed everything about my day.  I’d like to note here that I am still doing the Miracle Morning and it is still just as awesome as ever!  If you haven’t had a chance to read about it, you can visit my post here .

At the end of the book, the author challenged me to take the 30 day challenge, and I accepted.  That meant making a visit to the Miracle Morning website to download the toolkit.  It was all free, and gave me examples to follow for writing my own affirmations and ideas for journaling.  It was on the website that I found my absolute favorite part of the Miracle Morning. It’s called the Level 10 Life.  I’ve been working on it, and it’s actually pretty eye-opening.

So what is the Level 10 Life?

If you were to divide your life up into ten important categories, define each area by what you think it would look like if you were living it perfectly and then rate yourself on how you’re doing at this very minute, how do you think you’d be doing?  I’ll tell you how I’m doing.  I suck, that’s how.

This was a really good exercise for me. First of all, it made me really think about what perfection in each area looks like.  Writing the definitions was really difficult!  The great thing about it is that it’s completely personal.  What I think is a perfect 10 and what you think is perfect 10 might be completely different, and that’s okay.  We aren’t all meant to live the same life, we don’t all have the same goals or the same talents.  Once I got the definitions done, it was time to fill out the little graph.  I had to honestly evaluate myself and assign myself a number.  It might have been easy to lie and say I am more spiritual than I really am, but I would only be lying to myself.  The graph is basically a wheel, with each spoke of the wheel representing a different category.  It looks like this:

level 10 life

After the evaluation was done I spent a quiet moment berating myself and then realized I needed to stop, because it isn’t about living the perfect life, it’s about moving towards the perfect life.  We will never, not one of us, create the perfect life in every area during this lifetime because it isn’t possible.  All we can do is identify our weaknesses and do our best to try to improve every single day, keeping our eye on the goal line.  The funny thing is, how many of us have never even defined the goal line?  Maybe we have a really broad definition, but it’s hard to determine whether or not you’ve gotten somewhere if you don’t really know where you’re going.

When I finally decided to stop moping, I started setting goals: two goals for each area.  Some of them were very specific, like “Pay off XXX amount of debt” while others were very general, like “actually engage in conversation when my kids are speaking to me instead of letting my mind wander or answering them in my head.”  The real end game here was to give myself actionable things to do that move me towards the Level 10 Life.

It has now been a couple of months since I finished filling in my graph and setting my goals and I can honestly say that I have seen some marked improvement in a couple of areas.  These goals, along with the affirmations that I wrote as a part of my Miracle Morning, and the bullet journal that I started have moved me forward.  I still have a long way to go, but forward is forward, and it’s definitely better than standing still.

Consider the following…

I’m certainly not going to fill this post with all the categories and how I defined them, but here are a few just to get you thinking.


This was one of the harder topics for me. How would you rate yourself when it comes to giving?  The interesting part about this category for me is that you can define “giving” in a lot of ways.  Maybe you are really a generous person when it comes to donating to charity, paying fast offerings, or other monetary contributions.  But how about when it comes to your time?  Do you freely and willingly give your time?  Are you willing to donate time, but you do it begrudgingly?  How about talents?  If you know you’re good at something and someone else is not, do you willingly step in and help?  Do you wait for them to ask and then do it gladly?  Or do you hide your talents in hopes no one will know or ask?

There are a lot of ways that you can be a giving person, so trying to define what a perfect 10 is can be hard. Maybe you believe a truly giving person is one who would sacrifice Thanksgiving to work at a soup kitchen.  Or volunteering at a children’s hospital is the perfect 10.  Maybe you believe that you have to be Mother Teresa before you can call yourself perfect.  When I did my definitions, I didn’t go this far because I don’t think that is completely necessary.  Chances are good I will never be Mother Teresa, so saying that is the only way to live my perfect life in this area is only going to saddle me with disappointment.


So this one can be kind of interesting.  Maybe you feel like it doesn’t apply to you if you don’t have a career outside the home, but if anyone is going to try to tell me that being a stay at home mother isn’t a full time job I might have to punch that person in the throat.  While it might be tempting to lump your job as a mother in with the family category, I honestly don’t think it should be.  There are plenty of things we do as mothers that other people get paid for that actually have no correlation with our relationship with our spouse or children…like laundry, for instance.  Or how about meal planning, housekeeping, coordinating sports schedules, taxi service, teacher… The list goes on and on.  What is your definition of how you do this job, and if you did it perfectly, what would it look like?

If you’ve ever considered going back to school to get a degree, or thought maybe you’d like to take on a career in the future, this category could apply to that as well.  Maybe you have thought about how prepared you are if you suddenly became the breadwinner of your household, or you’ve thought about trying to turn a hobby into a money making opportunity…that could be included in your definition too.

Everything Else

I won’t go in to all the other categories, but I think those two kind of give you an idea of what is involved as you think through the process.  The other areas are:

  • Family and Friends
  • Personal Development
  • Spirituality
  • Finances
  • Fun and Recreation
  • Marriage/Significant Other
  • Physical Environment
  • Health and Fitness

Surprisingly, it didn’t take me that long to define everything.  It’s surprising how when you sit down and really think about what you want in your life it’s easy to pinpoint it.

One of my favorite quotes from the Miracle Morning 30-challenge says this:

Belief is the most powerful and creative force in the universe, which is possessed by every human being.  Every aspect of our lives—good or bad, both externally and internally—are born from our beliefs.  In you believe, truly believe, that you are capable of achieving success in an endeavor, you will pursue it until you achieve it.  On the other hand, if one does not truly believe that being successful is their right, then they will give up at the first sign of an obstacle.  If you believe you are deserving of love, you will inevitably attract it.  If you don’t, you won’t.  If you believe people are generally good, you will find the good in them. It is crucial that you consciously and actively reinforce the beliefs that will support you in confidently pursuing everything you want in your life.

I love this program and the Miracle Morning!  If you still haven’t taken a look at the book you can do so here.  You can also download a couple of free chapters or see the Miracle Morning 30-day challenge here (all the downloads are free and there is a smoothie recipe too.  I haven’t tried it but I should since I love smoothies!)  I wish I had known about this and started it years ago, but regardless of how late you start, it’s never too late!





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